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1 Pound (16 OZ)
Red Worms


Great for turning your yard clippings and organic food waste into nutrient-rich worm castings. The castings are a great soil conditioner. These worms are also great for fishing.

How to care for your worms.

  • Your worms like it moist; never let the worms dry out.  Saturate the top  2 inches of the worm bed once a week with fresh water that has set out for at least 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate.

  • Never let them get over 80 degrees. If they do, run cold  water through their bed every day until their bed stays under 80 degrees. For freezing temperature if they are outside in a compost pile, keep putting fresh food on top and it will heat up and keep them warm.  If they are in a container that you can pick up, put them in the garage for the winter.

  • Worms like to eat vegetable scraps, newspaper, eggshells, coffee grounds, cardboard, leaves, and small amount of little grass clippings.

  • Stay away from meat, grease, oil, citrus, cedar or pine trees

  • Whatever the worms live in NEEDS to be well ventilated. If in a compost pile that's fine. If in a box (wood or plastic) lots of holes any size should be drilled in all 4 sides and bottom. A tray or bucket should be underneath to catch any Worm Tea TM that drips out.